Wanstead weekly photo

 This is a cracker, taken on Easter Monday by Wansteadium reader Luke Gleave from his flat facing Hermon Hill. This photo may well make the hearts of the members of Wanstead Methodist Church, pictured right, soar. 

To submit your picture for Wanstead Weekly Photo, send it to info@wansteadium.com 

7 thoughts on “Wanstead weekly photo”

    1. Yes I asked about this before here , Apparently it’s a consequence of people sharing the post to others on FaceBook. Always disappointing to see x numbers of comments have been made , click on the link to read, then just see seemingly random names , with no other content relevant to the post. It just feels like wading through spam.
      Never seen this on any other WP blogs.

        1. Yeah, sorry about this. It’s a bit annoying, but happens because we automatically import comments made under posts on Facebook. Most of the time this is fine, and means you get to read comments left both here and there. But sometimes people write others’ names beneath posts to alert them to it, perhaps instead of sending the link by private message. That’s why they come in here as comments. Not sure there’s a way round it, but am open to suggestion…

          1. On balance the additional comments are better had than not had (in Wansteadium’s view). That might change of course in which case we could unplug the feed.

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