The lipstick has arrived

Wanstead’s new Superdrug can only be days away from opening. The products have arrived – lipsticks, nail varnish, make-up.  Clearly scotching rumours put about by the builders…. (see below).

Wansteadium photographer missed – by a split second – the old Midland Bank sign being visible.

18 thoughts on “The lipstick has arrived”

  1. This would have been a better slot for M&S maybe… I do hope it doesn’t impact too much upon the family run Pharmacy, they have worked very hard over decades in Wanstead from a small shop originally to the one they have now. 🤔

  2. I too have earnestly wrestled with this latest development – and I’m sorry, which ever way you stack it, Superdrug is just not middle-class enough…

  3. Just went in to Wanstead Pharmacy, a smile of hello…went in to Boots and a group of staff stood by the chemist section talking, turned looked at me at the counter, looked away. One person (Sandra?) working hard, the rest didn’t even acknowledge me let alone serve me. That’s why they will suffer ….it’s a regular occurrence in there.

  4. If, having more shops in the High Street, means that more people can get more of what they want locally, rather than driving to superstores, then its good news. Lets just all try and walk down the high street and shop more next year (and not just a loaf of bread!) and that footfall in itself will make Wanstead even better.

  5. Well said Veronica. Some people are still waiting for the Harrods to open
    in Wanstead we live in wanstead not Chelsea my friend

  6. On the face of it we don’t need three Boots-like shops in the space of a few paces.

    But on further thought I really don’t care for the offhand attitude of the staff at either Boots OR the Pharmacy, both rude and suspicious, so I don’t actually like to give either of them my business except for having to use the post office in there.

  7. It will bring a lot of new energy to the high street – especially younger people. There isn’t much to attract them to shop there at the moment. Then people will stay around and use the other establishments. Think it is great.

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