The milk crash: Punchlines welcome



The milk crash on the Redbridge roundabout which happened on Friday lunchtime. Jon Fentiman, Wanstead’s comedy impresario, was the man with the camera – but the punchlines are as yet unwritten.

Wansteadium hivemind – do your worst.

11 Comments on "The milk crash: Punchlines welcome"

  1. Looks like it semi skimmed the embankment.
    Could be a few pints on the driver’s licence.

  2. Driver must have lost his bottle.
    Perhaps a roundabout way of making yoghurt.

  3. Hope the driver’s not too shaken from the egg-perience! I’m sure he’s juiced to it to not get a creaming from his bosses. Otherwise he’ll be toast! The breadhead!

  4. I’m not sure this driver is made of the white stuff!
    (He’ll never play for Accrington Stanley)

  5. Best gag this side of the Milky Way is from @lauracmcg on twitter: The milky cars are on me …

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