The Pig: Cool it…

Marylebone’s Ginger Pig (Photo Ewan Munro, via Flickr/Creative Commons

Time to lower any expectations about the Ginger Pig coming to Wanstead High Street.

The trendy butcher has told the Ilford Recorder that, though several Wanstead folk had encouraged them to come to E11, negotiations haven’t really begun. A spokesman said: “In many cases where there is a particularly large number of enquiries, we feel obliged to look into it. This has certainly been the case with Wanstead…

“We have indeed made very early stage enquiries. That is as far as things have gone at this point, we are not in any lengthy or meaningful discussions with any agent.”

Meanwhile another high quality butcher has apparently ruled out the former AG Dennis shop, saying it needs too much work to justify the rent. Last week Wansteadium reported that the starting rent being sought by agents was £40,000, with £16,000 business rate. As one commenter on our Facebook page wrote: “That’s before you’ve sold a sausage.”

One thought on “The Pig: Cool it…”

  1. Chapmans up in Woodford is good, under new management. Ginger Pig, nothing special about the one in Hackney, just packaged nice and double the price.

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