The Wanstead couple bringing a taste of horror


This chilling poster, on display at Wanstead Tube, is the work of an industrious couple of Wanstead creatives, known as Harry and Beatrice.

The couple are a content and production team who live and work here, and who make short films, tv commercials and press adverts as well as posters like the above.Picture 1

Their guilty secret though is that Harry and Beatrice are actually Ed Webster and Hannah White. Hannah is an actress and writer, and Ed is an art director and producer who spent 11 years at Channel 4 before the pair set up their own business.

In the past few months they’ve shot projects with Penguin books, ITV and Jamie Oliver as well as some art projects, purely for fun.  Below is a sample of their rather smart work, and you can see more on their Facebook page.)

(And should you want to show your support by getting the Karen Rose book you can buy it here.)

Hopper high res 1


Pop Goes the Weasel - final.

The Black Widow


The Gift

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