This is certainly new

The former Loon Ye restaurant at Snaresbrook – which has been empty for years and years – is going to be something new, as the terracotta facelift indicates. And though we’re read the notice in the window, below, we can’t quite imagine what it’s going to be like.

Buller And Rice have branches in Walthamstow and Stoke Newington. In a piece in the Evening Standard in 2019 founders Anita Rice and Stephen Buller spoke about being ‘the capital’s first sustainable hair salon’, saying:

“It’s not just targeted at consumers who want to be environmentally friendly,” explains Rice. “It was more like anybody could come, and we were working behind the scenes to keep it sustainable, make better choices and lower the impact. Of course, we get people coming in who are more conscious and most interested in what we’re doing but we have such a vast variety of clients, from art students to young professionals to retired folk up the road, for whom being ethical might not be at the forefront of their minds.

Good luck to them in their renovations. It’s all part of the renaissance of Snaresbrook, with vacant shops becoming occupied.

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  1. Another hair saloon!!!! and an Off Sales wine outlet!!! that also sells homeware goods!!! very interesting to see what this is going to be like, good luck to them and hopefully we will see that end of the high street flourishing

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