Police take action to prevent Wanstead music event

A rumoured unlicensed music event which was apparently due to take place in Wanstead this weekend has been targeted by a dispersal order.

Earlier this summer an unlicensed rave took place on Wanstead Flats – but following the event police commented that all the participants dispersed when asked and there had been no trouble.

4 thoughts on “Police take action to prevent Wanstead music event”

  1. There seems to be something similar taking place in the Roding Valley Park at the moment (Sunday lunchtime), in the wooded area by to the A406 and next to the open area south of the Tesco superstore but on the right bank of the river.

  2. The area highlighted on the map is not Wanstead Flats. It’s Wanstead Park and the Roding Valley. I’ve not heard of any unlicensed music events on Wanstead Flats.

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