Three screens for Wanstead?

We reported a couple of weeks ago on a planning application for illuminated advert screens on Wanstead High Street – an area where shopkeepers are not permitted to have illuminated signs.

Well, we didn’t read the application carefully enough. It’s actually for THREE advert screens on the high street. One outside the Light House fish and chip shop, one outside Boots, and one on the other side of the road, outside the Pura beauticians opposite the Bull.

We thought you would like to know. Comments on the applications, numbers 3950/22, 3954/22, 3957/22, 3962/22 and 3963/22 at the Redbridge Planning site need to be made by TODAY (Thursday).

That’s if you can find your way through the Redbridge Planning site, something which could do with a good dose of planning itself.

  • Shops on Wanstead High Street are only supposed to have ‘externally illuminated’ signs – ie it’s OK to have lights shining on them, but not in them – because of the conservation zone.

6 thoughts on “Three screens for Wanstead?”

  1. High Street is beginning to look scruffy with no enforcement of local planning regulations- we really need enforcement officers to start clamping down on infringements already in situ to ensure we don’t lose the local feel of why the high street is attractive

  2. From the Heritage Statement

    7.1 The primary consideration for proposals within conservation areas is what impact
    they would have upon the historical and architectural special features of the surroundings, and whether this would be detrimental to its value and general amenity.
    7.2 Contemporary structures and particularly infrastructure is often introduced to the
    public realm including historic town centres and high street locations without
    undermining or detracting from the historic integrity of an area as a whole. Modern
    elements of the street scene can add to local character and enhance through
    contrast provided they are of a high build and design quality and are functional
    7.3 The proposal would reflect a distinctive modern element within the area, but the
    presence of advertising incorporated into a Communication Hub is neither unusual
    nor inappropriate a feature alongside a main route such as Wanstead High Street.
    Any perceived harm as a result of the development must be balanced against the
    overall public benefit brought about by the improvements to the public transport
    infrastructure, making it more accessibility, better connected and encoring greater
    use. The advertised unit will be seen within the confines of the modern Hub
    structure, thus minimising conflict with the local character and amenity.
    7.4 The proposed development scale and relationship with its surroundings, is unlikely
    to harm the heritage asset, either directly, or indirectly. Any harm that may arise
    will be insignificant to the value of the conservation area.

  3. Redbridge Local Plan (2015-2030)
    LP28: Advertising and Shop Fronts
    1 The Council will support signage in designated town centres and key retail parades
    (a) Ensure that shopfronts and signs placed on buildings respect the overall character
    and appearance of the building and the street scene; and
    (b) Demonstrate in applications for advertisement consent in Conservation Areas, a
    respect for the local historic and architectural character.

  4. People need to completely oppose these signs. This company is trying to take over the high street and create another Westfield. If residents don’t oppose this then soon they will opening casinos and McDonald’s!

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