10 thoughts on “Top bananas”

  1. Overheard in wanstead. The rates have gone up from 35k to 54k a year. Hence they sold up. But I wish the new biz well and looking forward to shopping in there. Also learnt the council are charging for any displays on pavement. #gocouncil nothing like supporting local business #idiots

  2. Will Pete still be there? Feeling sad that all the family businesses are being bought out. We moved to Wanstead because we were attracted to the community feel. 4 years has really changed things…

    1. The high street has a way to go, but is quickly improving not vice versa. The Manor House seems to do well despite being an enormous venue. Ginger Pig, Bombetta, that new Italian place, New greengrocers. All this year. Luppolo. Provender. All family owned and independent.

      The venues that have gone did not move with the times – ie Delicataste, old Harveys, and old Butchers.

      There are a few more venues to get sorted out as the retreat of the banks has left some gaps, but with these new places thriving then others will soon be attracted in.

  3. Even with the soaring rents and obstructions from the council the high is looking better than ever. With the new businesses like the Manor House and the Duke thriving and restaurants always full I think the High street deserves a pat on the back

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