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Very sad to note the closure of Wanstead Toy Box, a noble little venture which many in Wanstead were delighted to see and support. Whatever the reasons for the closure it certainly doesn’t help cure the impression that trading at the Snaresbrook end of the high street is very tough.

Meanwhile, another beautician is set to open in the spot vacated by Angels Hair and Nails when it moved up next door to Judith’s (and close to the Wanstead Beauty Clinic). It raises the question of how many beauticians can one high street support? Whatever the answer, it’s clear that, ladies of Wanstead, your nails are looking lovely and it’s great you support the local traders.

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  1. Wrong end of high street and also absolutely no publicity – well, that I or anyone I know saw anyway. didn’t even know it was there! what a shame.

  2. I recently moved to the area and visiting the Toybox was one of the first thing I did with my toddler. Unfortunately the selection of toys were limited for his age (3) and we found it difficult to select a toy to buy (which I have promised him before the visit, hence determined to spend). In comparison the independent toy shops that we have visited in other areas (Greenwich, Hackney, Walthamstow village etc) are always packed very full up to the ceiling with one of each toy displayed hence packing many many choices into a small shop footprint, and the toys are the ones that you cannot find in big shops like Toy’R Us etc. A toyshop on the Snaresbrook end of the high street needs to be a destination shop and I think while it is not the busiest part of town it can still be viable, especially as it is close to Time for Tea which attracts mummy with babies.

  3. Sigh…. So ANOTHER bored housewives and Pensioner hangout.
    To think only last week and the ‘Snobbery’ of people saying that the article showing the Pie and Mash shop was not ‘Wansteady’.. Well I guess another Nail and Hair gaff is then?

    Wanstead Wives and Pensioners must have the best hair and nails in the land!

  4. I too liked the idea of a toy shop in Wanstead, but I struggled to buy stuff there; probably went 3 or 4 times but from the limited choice, nothing ever jumped out at me, either as gifts for others or for my 4 year old.

    Bit too small maybe? Although the excellent toy store on Walthamstow High Street is a great example of how much you can pack into a small space.

  5. I have a vague recollection that when it opened it was just going to be temporary – or have I imagined that? I only ever bought one thing from them. If my kids were younger I probably would have used it more. Most of the products seemed to aimed at pre-schoolers

  6. as the owner of wanstead beauty clinic im yet again confused why we have so many beauty salons in our high st we now have far more beauty than hairdressers I think it will be the SURVIVAL of the fittest now!!!!!! it is mad how we cannot stop redbridge council for letting this happen

  7. Like CC I went into the toy shop with my 3 year old boy and also, really struggled to find something that was less than £10 and suitable for his age. In fact there was hardly any stock to look at. I think a toy shop is a lovely idea but a bigger space or just a varied selection with some smaller gifts would be more suitable.

  8. It would be interesting and perhaps productive to get some suggestions from readers on which sorts of businesses they would like to see/frequent on Wanstead High Street. Personally, I would not mind another charity shop, one that realises it is a charity shop, and getting its stock for nothing and charges accordingly. Or a primal scream shop! You just go in, enter a soundproof booth, don a set of ear protectors, and scream as long and loud as you like. Perfect after hitting the London rushhour.

  9. Well when you ask wanstead residents what they require from the high street most people say clothes shop another gift shop etc ….. What’s weird about wanstead as we seem to duplicate so many types of shops we have yet another dry cleaners arriving soon that will be the 4 th
    I would love to turn Nicole’s into a shoe repairers while you wait and call it a load of cobblers
    When will the locals of wanstead realise if they don’t use it we will loose it !!!!
    We all love our high street we just need to support a bit more

  10. If the landlords of Wanstead High Street didn’t charge over the odds for the empty commercial properties, then shops like the toy shop could of been at Wanstead High Street end. I’ve shopped in the Wanstead Toy Box a lot and always found something different to buy. There were suitable toys for newborns, 12-18 months to 2/3/4 year olds and older. Everyone says about supporting their local shops in Wanstead High Street, well if they did maybe the shop would still be open. I feel a lot of people only support coffee shops, cafes, and beauty parlours.

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