Wanstead’s newest home: Trebles all round


Congratulations to the new owner of Wanstead’s newest home, the former coal merchants’ office on Sylvan Road. And since the asking price for the one-bedroom bungalow was £300k, congratulations to the vendor and agent too! No word yet though on Wansteadium’s idle thought on how nice a donation to Wanstead’s guerrilla gardener Marion Temple would be. One report received on Wednesday suggested Marion was spotted tending the plot even now.

8 thoughts on “Wanstead’s newest home: Trebles all round”

  1. I am amazed that what would seem to be a crazy price for such a small bungalow so near to the railway line has been achieved

  2. The only possible reason I can think that anyone would pay £300,000 for that is that they think they can turn a profit on it in a fairly short period of time. That has to be worrying. The unsustainable local property bubble is also the reason i’m leaving Wanstead after 5 years. Shame.

  3. A old person might have bought it who needs to be on ground level and near the high st or a city worker who needs to be near the station . What’s the big deal . Wanstead has always been expensive and desirable .

  4. So near to the railway line or right by the station? Us Sylvan Roaders are just a hop, skip and a jump and we’re on that train.

  5. Walking past this morning, the sign said ‘For Sale’ again. Not sure if the ‘Sold’ had dropped off, or someone’s had second thoughts…

  6. I went to have a look at this, what a joke… it was sold for about 180k not long ago, my wife wanted me to look at as an office space but never got around to it. A developer spent a few quid (literally by the looks of it) and got it back on sale fast (nothing wrong with this apart from the ridiculous asking price). You would have to be mad to pay 300k for this, it would be like living in a kitchen, note all your storage including clothes would have to go in the kitchen cupboards – socks n pants top drawer, knives n forks bottom drawer. It wouldn’t work as an office space now either as the developer has over kitchened the space. I think the offer it had has now been withdrawn – yes it is a desirable area and yes it is very close to high st and tube, but this is simply an exercise in greed.

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