Victory for Wellington


Resurfacing work going on in Wellington Road on Monday, before similar work is due to begin on Wanstead High Street. At least one longtime resident of Wellington Road insists the last time it was resurfaced was in the early 1980s – can this be true??

It will, in any case be welcome for residents, especially since it is due to be accompanied by the installation of speed humps. Eight humps are to be put on Nelson Road from its junction with Hermon Hill, and on Wellington Road itself. It follows a long campaign by people living on the road against motorists using it as a way of avoiding the traffic lights at the bottom of Hermon Hill.

Wansteadium clearly hasn’t been concentrating enough, though. The last it knew about the subject was during an Area One committee in November 2012 when residents were told that Wellington Road had been judged 112th in Redbridge’s prioritised list of traffic problems, and that there was only enough money in the budget to fund eight to 10 schemes per year.

(Photo: Marcus Tyl0r)




5 thoughts on “Victory for Wellington”

  1. Can we have some speed bumps down Nightingale/Elmcroft Avenue next? Nearly had my car door taken off today whilst getting my son out of his car seat by a boy racer zooming down Nightingale, before screeching round the corner into Elmcroft. This stretch gets used by local boy/young man racers constantly, especially in the evening. One day there will be an accident.

  2. Nightingale Lane is a rat run nightmare from High Street end, to beyond Elmcroft. Wider roads, such as Wellington, get speed humps, yet the narrow death trap that is Nightingale Lane remains unchanged. Does anyone in Nightingale care about this – or/and about the awful parking problems for residents?

    1. Not if you want to avoid the traffic jam at the Hermon Hill/High Street junction. To get to S. Woodford shops you use Pulteney rd; to get to Snaresbrook you use Sylvan rd.

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