Vive la revolution

The changes which have been going on at Nice Croissant for the past couple of years culminated on Tuesday with new “La Bakerie” signage (very tasteful). And in the process, it revealed a bit of hidden Wanstead history.

Before it was Nice Croissant – which it was for about 30 years – it was Dickens Bakery, though the sign which was exposed does seem ancient. Any readers remember it?

And, of course, good luck to Fabien and Franck and team in their quiet revolution.


(Thanks to Angela Smith-Hughes.)

5 thoughts on “Vive la revolution”

  1. I think this site has discussed previously whether Dickens ever lived in Wanstead. This proves he must have and that he was baking cakes and serving skinny mochas in his spare time.

  2. Lots of French-aping going on in Wanstead these day – Beauté Parfaite, Click Beautique, Provender Café Brasserie, Jo Jo Maman Bébé, and now this. Where is the patriotic spirit that Brexit requires from all of us? I want to see signage made from black pudding in the shape of the Union Jack.

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