Wanstead air improving from Monday

The Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expands on 25 October to include Wanstead, some of South Woodford, and everywhere within the North Circular A406.

This means: good news for residents who should be breathing cleaner air.

But it also means: extra expense for residents who have older cars which don’t pass the standards – they face:

  • paying £12.50 a day to drive into or around Wanstead
  • buying a less polluting vehicle, or
  • stopping driving

TFL says: “Toxic air pollution remains the biggest environmental health risk, worsening asthma, lung and heart disease. Pollution levels are now returning to pre-pandemic levels across the Capital.”

Will it work? In inner London, where the ULEZ zone started in 2019, the proportion of vehicles meeting the emissions standards rise from 39% to more than 80%. Roadside nitrogen dioxide has fallen by 44%.

The details: Vehicle number plates are recognised by cameras at the edge of the ULEZ zone but also within it, so driving a polluting vehicle completely within the zone will still incur a charge. Fees are paid online, and drivers can check if their vehicle qualifies here.

3 thoughts on “Wanstead air improving from Monday”

  1. Great news, let’s hope people of wanstead embrace that you can do/buy/eat everything locally and can walk/cycle everywhere all the time

  2. I will have to pay the charge, but don’t object because I am in favour of cleaner air. To me it is not worth changing my car as l hardly use it. So, my vehicle emissions are low, especially as the vehicle is regularly serviced. What angers me are the numerous boy-racers who speed in and around Wanstead in high performance and exhaust altered (to make more noisy and back-fire) cars who won’t have to pay the charge, despite the pollution they cause. Many of them belch out more fumes on their joy-rides than my car produces in a year! (BTW, l have spoken to the police and local councillors about these speeding and dangerous drivers but nothing gets done. They spoil the quality of life for everyone!)

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