Wanstead’s 10-year-old writer

Wanstead resident Riku Fryderyk was eight years old when he was offered a book deal. He’s now 10 and his book, The Witching Hour, has just been published. He hopes it will help children who are afraid of the dark.

He will be signing copies on Saturday 30 October in the Larder.

His mum, Agnieszka, says: “In the book Riku wanted to help children who are afraid of the dark, however the the book might be serving a much greater purpose in helping parents opening important discussions with their children. 

“We tend to assume because children are little, therefore they do not understand what’s going on around them. What we forget, is that children absorb it all, they may not talk about it, they just observe what happens in the adults’ world and make their own interpretations of it and give their own meanings to it. Children need so much more these days to be able to see the light in the darkness. And Riku’s book is offering to them just that.”

  • Riku will be signing books at the Larder on Saturday 30 October from 1pm – 4.30pm. Copies will be on sale at the Larder. It will also be available at Wanstead Bookshop here.