Wanstead children don’t know they’re born

  We’ve said it before. But for anyone who grew up having to lob bits of fence panels into trees to stand even a chance of getting a conker, Wanstead is a land flowing with milk and honey.

 Coming soon: the inaugural tree report from our new arboricultural correspondent. 

3 thoughts on “Wanstead children don’t know they’re born”

  1. But I thought because of the Health and Safety muppets that kids are now banned from taking part in ‘conkers’..

    What I have seen the last few mornings however is a van with some men in, going and collecting the fruit to what I assume, will then be used to sell on Oxford Street over the winter months as a hot sweet smelling (but disappointing) treat.

  2. Please don’t go out and eat them just because I am making an assumption, but the fruit on the Trees on George Green look like them of Sweet Chestnuts and not Horse Chestnuts and therefore edible.

    They are softer spikes unlike the traditional hard spiked Horse Chestnuts.

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