Blake Hall Road: Yes it’s over. Oh no it’s not

 The torment that has been Blake Hall Road for the past couple of months is entering a period of respite. It’s no longer obstructed and the temporary traffic lights have been removed, which is good news for pulsating veins on a thousand motorist’s foreheads.  However, Woodlands Avenue and Blake Hall Crescent are still blocked off with giant holes waiting to be filled.

Motorists should probably enjoy it while they can… the roadworks are apparently due to return at Christmas and next summer. But sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

(Thanks JW, GCP)

3 thoughts on “Blake Hall Road: Yes it’s over. Oh no it’s not”

  1. I assume that they were about to seriously overrun the estimated time and have backed off to avoid the rage that would have ensued. It would be helpful, and indeed polite to local residents, for Redbridge and National Grid, to publish the detailed plans for completion of these works well before they recommence! This assumes that there is a plan of course.

  2. I have received a letter from mp John cryer which includes a copy of a letter from national grid stating works will be starting again in summer 2016, no mention of Christmas! Belgrave road is now open.

  3. I’m pretty sure the works will resume next summer and not over Christmas. It’s a problem that needs to be resolved and to be honest they probably would have been better off finishing what they started. However the dangerous manoeuvres of some motorists have put an end to it. It would be pointless and expensive to restart at Christmas given they’ve only just stopped.

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