Wanstead Playground: The first year

Wanstead playground design concept_Page_06Huge props to the Wanstead stalwarts behind the fundraising for the playground on Christ Church Green. Today, Wednesday, marks a full year since an initial letter from Louise Cutler published here on Wansteadium kickstarted the fundraising effort which at the latest tally has raised more than £57,000

The determined band of parents who have been responsible for this are now seeking a further £23,000, at which point another £10k grant will be awarded. Their overall target is £100,000, and they’re waiting for news on a large grant application which would take them there.

The concept plan pictured includes a space where the “Viper” (playground supplier-talk for the rope swing) could be sited. It’s the most recent piece to have been added and has value for older children, the association believes.

Nicola Jarratt, a mover and a shaker, told Wansteadium that regardless of how much is eventually raised, the new playground will be installed for next Spring.

Fingers crossed for the final bit of fundraising, a solid round of applause for what’s been achieved so far, and a Nadiya Hussain-style reminder to self that anything is possible.


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  1. Wow- well done so far. Can you please post a link for us to donate- then we might hit that £23k target even faster.

  2. Truly fantastic leadership and delivery by those volunteers running this project.

    Much hard work I’m sure

  3. Agree, heartfelt congratulations to the organisers and contributors.

    As a family we contributed to round 1 but I’m sure we’d be tempted to go again if it comes down to the wire. It’s all swings and roundabouts I guess.

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