Our gardener Ron

We’re sad to announce the death, aged 94, of our much-loved one-time gardening correspondent Ron. A familiar sight round Wanstead, where he lived for more than 50 years, Ron wrote an occasional column for Wansteadium about seasonal tasks needing doing outdoors. He tirelessly cultivated his patch of E11 for decades, and reaped the results in flowers, fruit and veg. His last gardening task before he was admitted to hospital three weeks ago was to take down his runner bean plants. Meticulous in his gardening, he stored a handful of beans in a dry corner just like he did every autumn so that, come the spring, he would have beans to plant and so begin the cycle once again.
• Anyone wishing to have details of Ron’s funeral please email info@wansteadium.com and we will pass them on to you.

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