Quince incidence – plus another chance for plants


Marian Temple, guerrilla gardener, writes: “I have a glut of quinces. I  don’t mean the little round garden ones but the real McCoy. There aren’t many quince trees around – they are very old fashioned. The fruit look like very hefty pears with a sort of fluff on. They taste indescribably delicious, like a richly scented super flavoursome apple.  They are only for cooking – pies, crumbles, jams or jellies etc.   Want to have a go?   I have a fridge load and I’d like to share them around.  They are too good to waste.” You can contact marian@wansteadium.com

* On Sunday at 11am, Marian will be leading a bulb and plant planting on Nightingale Green (E11 2ET), near the Nightingale Pub.  She writes: “Hope this will accommodate church goers even if they can’t be there at the start.  Everyone welcome, especially kids.  Bring any useful tools you might have but don’t worry if you don’t have them. No experience necessary.  Donations towards bulbs always welcome.    Have ordered good weather but this doesn’t always work. We’ll go ahead anyway.”


Quince photograph used under Creative Commons licence from Flickr user Emilian Robert Vicol



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