Wanstead Cube

73highstreetA seemingly impromptu exhibition of the proposals for the Joliffe Builders’ site is taking place on Thursday morning at the site of the potential development.

The plan – dubbed a “brave new world” in the application documents – includes spaces for small shops and offices, including a basement, and a total of 13 proposed flats. It extends on to the car park behind the high street shops.

The development, also known as The Cube, has been opposed by the Wanstead Society partly because it would be clad in green copper and aluminium and would be taller than neighbouring buildings. The developer however says the new building would add to Wanstead’s “village nature” by “providing letable units for local business, artists, entrepreneurs at an affordable starter rent”.

The plans can be seen until 12.30pm on Thursday.

13 thoughts on “Wanstead Cube”

  1. So, hardly any notice? Will probably tell the Planning Appeal Department that tgey consulted with the residents and they were all in favour of their eyesore?

  2. I have to say, I’m not sure I really understand the issues here.
    People seem to be objecting to the look of the building – if you look at the image, it’s mostly brick, like much of the High Street. As for parking – there isn’t significant parking available on the site now, and the High Street is more for locals popping to the shops than those driving a long distance to get there, surely? And even those from slightly further afield than Wanstead itself (South Woodford, Ilford, etc) have a good and frequent bus service to rely on.
    Aren’t more shops a good thing, especially if they’re independent? I’d love another nice cafe, for example, as The Larder is usually overflowing! And places like the Art Shop could take a little bit of friendly competition I’m sure. Likewise, I don’t think another charity shop would be a bad thing – that would fit nicely with our independent, ethical high street – a bit more bargain hunting followed by some nice cake!
    As for flats, more people bring more money to the area – and our lovely local businesses do better too. Obviously none of us would want a massive influx of new residents, but 13 flats wouldn’t do that anyway – I imagine they’ll be small and so we’re likely to get 26 new residents max. This is good news for the High Street and for the profit margins of our lovely shops and pubs.
    Perhaps I’ve missed something here – I’m not trying to play devil’s advocate at all – I just love our High Street and don’t see the harm in a little bit of change and a few new things to eat, buy and do.

  3. Yes insufficient publicity and notice for this ‘exhibition’. I understand there’s a meeting at the town hall on Tuesday 8th September relating to this development.

  4. One of the High Street’s numerous architectural treasures caught in the reflection, lol. All for conservation etc but the High Street is a dog’s dinner with some seriously awful later additions. Distinctive character; not sure.

    I’d be surprised if the Inspector will give much time to any application that is materially the same as the earlier refused one. You never know though as the Inspectorate is a law to itself.

  5. @Kay George, I agree with most of your comments. I’m all for the development, but aesthetically, I just don’t like it. The high Street is a conservation area and the proposed design doesn’t conserve the theme. It’s not even a modern take on its neighbours, its just got a green box on it for no good reason as far as I can make out. Happy to hear what they have to say though.

  6. As many people as possible should try to go to the hearing in the town hall on Tuesday. Gabrielle do you mind if your link is forwarded to people who’d be interested?

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