Wanstead dinners, VI; Simple summer supper

Wansteadium’s food blogger Suki Orange writes:
With a renewed summery spring in our steps, it’s great to have another recipe from Karen Poole, the woman who is (almost) singlehandedly making Wanstead eat more healthily.

Broth of smoked mackerel, new potatoes and leeks in cider

Looking for a perfect supper dish to enjoy on these long summer evenings? Then cook this easy fresh and seasonal dish, it will not disappoint and will be a healthy addition to your weekly repertoire. I have to own up that I ‘borrowed’ this recipe from a friend and it has fast become my latest
food crush.

New potatoes are still in the shops and we should make sure to use them while we still can – although you can just as easily use main crop spuds if that’s all you can find.. Leeks, full of peppery goodness are still in their prime and by now we are all familiar with the positive aspects of eating oily fish. The cider – well sometimes you just need some alcohol to give a dish the perfect twist!

Ingredients (Serves 3-4)
•Two medium leeks, sliced
•1 clove garlic, chopped
•1tbsp olive oil
•1 spoonful of plain flour
•500ml of cider
•680g new potatoes, diced
•125ml vegetable stock
•Two cooked fillets of smoked mackerel, flaked
•Chives, finely chopped
•Crème fraiche


1. Chop the leeks and garlic then sauté gently in olive oil until soft
2. Stir in the flour and cook for a few minutes, then add the cider.
3. Roughly chop the potatoes and add to the pan.
4. Add the stock and simmer until the potatoes are cooked.
5. Flake the fish into pieces and simmer for a further 2 minutes.
6. Adjust the seasoning
7 Serve with chopped chives and a spoonful of crème fraiche

Healthy aspect

•Chromium- facilitates the function of insulin and aids glucose metabolism
•Vitamin C – helps blood cell formation and regulates cholesterol metabolism
•Fibre – keeps the bowel healthy and can aid digestion and elimination

•Valine- boosts immune function and calms emotions
•Isoluecine- helps muscle development and repair
•B6- metabolises and fat and protein
•B3- lowers cholesterol and aids energy production

•Sulphur – supports liver detoxification and blood glucose regulation.

Karen Poole BA Dip Nutrition CNM MBANT can be contacted at
K.E.Poole@hotmail.com Or www.karenpoolenutrition.co.uk