Wanstead Farmers’ Market ‘could close’

A rise in rents for traders at the monthly Wanstead Farmers Market could force the monthly market to close, the Wanstead Guardian is reporting. The increase from £14 to £28 per trader, introduced by Redbridge Borough Council as part of its budget cuts and increases, has already meant the South Woodford market closing, organiser Ian Chisholm told the paper. A council spokesperson said they would be prepared to listen to concerned traders.

One thought on “Wanstead Farmers’ Market ‘could close’”

  1. Listen to concerned traders – yes but what about lsiening to the customers,
    surely if the market goes the council is only cutting its nose to spite its face-they will lose what income they get out of it- does it cost the council anything when the market is there?
    Come on Redbridge DONT BE SO SHORT SIGHTED

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