Wanstead gets cheesy

As of today there is what appears to be a very fine deli in Wanstead. This is quite some landmark.

The Chef’s Deli has opened in the new building next to Snaresbrook station where the minicab office used to be. The attached restaurant, Bombetta, is hoping to open on 10 August and is now taking bookings.

The restaurant and menu look sumptuous but the appeal of the deli should not be overlooked. The firm already imports cheeses and meats from Puglia to hundreds of restaurants in the UK, and for most of the week the Snaresbrook outpost will be working to supply those orders.

On Fridays and Saturdays, though, it will be a shop which looks like it will be able to satisfy the foodiest of customers.

The folk behind the venture (and the Padre Pio motif) are three couples – Ben and Jo who run the Chef’s Deli, Mario and Reeya, a local accountant and an eye doctor, and Suzannah and James, a food writer and a producer of – get this – James Corden’s US chat show. They are playing their part from LA.

James told us: “The other guys have done a brilliant job getting it all up and running while I’ve been away. The time difference makes it tricky but I’ve been chipping in when I can. It’s in good hands.”

Wansteadium wishes them, as it does with all new business ventures, the very best of luck.

Inside bombetta bombetta water melon bombetta chalk

16 thoughts on “Wanstead gets cheesy”

    1. Haha yes don’t worry we do and no stigmata here! Padre Pio is a big thing in Puglia as he was born there. In fact you can’t move in the south Iyaly, especially this region, without bumping into a picture or statue of him. Word is that in days gone by, Fiat used to give new cars with his icon already inside !

      The deli has products from throughout Italy as well as some Spanish farmers and UK producers we work with. It’s farm to fork stuff with no middle men.

      We have the picture of Padre Pio in the window as Bombette London next door is our sister company. Bombette is a Puglian product of tender morsels of meat, cheese and cured meat, so it felt right that we give a nod to the products Puglian roots and acknowledge the Saint as a Braccheria in Puglia would do!

      Hope you come to the deli and the restaurant is taking bookings from the 10th of August onwards now! Hello@bombettalondon.com

    1. “Fiat used to give new cars with his icon already inside !”. that’s not true. I come from puglia. padre pio was a bit like uri geller. anyway see you soon. can’t wait to try bombettas. I had some last week in cisternino.

      1. What Ben meant is that used car dealers would not remove Padre Pio icons from aside the dashboard of 2nd hand cars due to the high chance of new buyers wanting to have Pio’s protection from accidents and parking fines!

    2. I totally agree with your point of view, but the faith southern italian elders have in him is as genuine and authentic as our products.
      This is our concept, not the credibility of this religious figure.

      1. Well whatever your concept, for the casual visitor, it reads as an endorsement of Pio.

        A pity because it may detract from your otherwise fine (according to reports here) products.

          1. If you can’t already comprehend my post, and have read other comments here, I’m not going to spell it out any more for you.

  1. Did some cheese shopping earlier. Very good selection and very reasonably priced. Great new amenity for the neighbourhood.

    1. We bought some lovely cheese too. And some of the jamon iberico. Beautifully sweet – enjoying it now in the garden with a glass of fino.

  2. Welcome to Wanstead will be trying both aspects of this place & love love the Padre Pio as do my friends , he’s for keeps .

  3. Dear Padre Pio,
    Could you put in a word for the vegetarians of Wanstead with the chefs of Bombetta??? There is nothing in the Bombetta main courses as listed on the menu stuck on the window today for our family to eat. However I don’t go hungry when I’m in Italy so what has happened??

    Yours hopefully,


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