Wanstead gets its own mysterious noise

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A weird muffled banging noise which could be heard in Wanstead houses on Wednesday evening led residents to check with London Underground if people were trapped in a Tube.

The noise could be heard for three seconds every three minutes in houses in Reydon Avenue, one of those roads which is pretty close to the Central Line as it goes from Wanstead to Redbridge station.

While some residents, including @janeclapton, took to social media, one went to ask London Undergound what was causing the noises which was making people think their boilers were about to pack up. They were told that rails on that stretch of the line had been replaced early on Wednesday morning and that they could take some time to bed in.

Google Maps
Google Maps: Dotted double line shows approx underground route of Central Line

Various areas around the UK have been identifying their own unexplained noises this week following reports of complaints of a hum being heard in Bristol.

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    1. It’s moved! Really bad today for us on Nutter Lane – so fingers crossed they’ll be doing the ‘fix’ our way tonight!

  1. Talking of Wanstead noises – anyone hear a few minutes of banging (like distant fireworks) in the very early hours? Happens about twice a month when I hear it. Sometimes loud enough to wake me up.

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