Wanstead High Street, 1963 (part two)

Grove Park & Wanstead High St, 1963

Another slice of Wanstead from 1963 from former resident Kerry Renshaw. This time it’s the corner of Grove Park and the High Street, featuring the Corner House. At first glance not much has changed, though the trees are obviously bigger.

Zooming in on the shopfronts tells us a bit more.

There is a fur shop visible – but the other names are still a bit too blurry. Some longtime residents will no doubt recognise them (and Terry Manning, if you’re reading, would you mind looking in your copy of Kelly’s Directory again?)

(Did you miss the first instalment of Wanstead 1963-style? You’d better catch up here.)

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    1. The cows. Also used to come into our garden in eagle lane. I used to find them eating the runner beans. When I came home from school.

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