Wanstead parking plans ‘dramatically reduced’

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The campaign against radical reorganisation of parking restrictions in Wanstead, which saw passionate demands for proper consultation among Wanstead residents and businesses, seems to have won the argument.

Redbridge’s revised proposals, following the consultation, were described by the Wanstead and Snaresbrook Residents Alliance as having been “dramatically reduced” from the original proposal, amounting to:

a few extensions to existing permit areas or where local residents felt that parking permits would help the parking on their street… these schemes would be applied from Monday to Friday.

The details of the scheme include the following:

High Street Pay and Display
There will be pay and display on the High Street from Monday to Saturday, using meters which allow a free half hour and accepting coin as well as Ringo payments over mobile phones.  A maximum limit of 3 hours will be applied.

Operate: Monday to Saturday 8:30 am to 6:30 pm
Charges: 30 mins Free
Up to 1 hour £1.20
Up to 2 hours £2.90
Up to 3 hrs £4.50 (maximum stay)
Blue Badge holders: Free

Side roads adjacent to the High Street will incorporate a mixture of Pay and Display and dual use Pay and Display/Business Permit Parking.

Permit Parking
Operate: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 6:30 pm
Charges: 1st resident £45 per year
2nd resident £82 per year
3rd + resident £108 a year
Visitor (book of 10×1 day permits) £6.30
Business £265 a year
6 month Resident and Business Permits are available for half the annual cost.
Blue badge holders can obtain Free permits.

What happens next
August 2017: Results published online and Residents and Businesses informed of the decision.
September 2017: Traffic Management Order process begins. Notice of Intent is published.
Oct-Nov 2017 21-day objection period. Objections considered.
Final decision made.

If a scheme is approved then:
December 2017: Final design changes incorporated if required.
Traffic Orders issued.
Works Orders issued.
January 2018: Permit Applications and final arrangements sent to Residents and Businesses.
Signs and Road Marking works carried out.
Scheme starts.

8 thoughts on “Wanstead parking plans ‘dramatically reduced’”

  1. This looks just as bad as the original proposals will destroy the high road like South Woodford and Leytonstone and mess everything up for Wanstead High School where all the staff park on Redbridge Lane West.

    1. I completely agree – these ‘scaled down’proposals seem the worst of all worlds. Some already congested roads (Nightingale lane, Stansted Rd and Keats close) won’t need parking permits but adjacent roads such as Cowley, Wellesley and Halstead will – so everyone is going to try and park in Nightingale lane, Stansted rd etc – nightmare! Such a strange decision – surely all surrounding roads should either be ‘in’ or ‘out’ of the parking permit zone. This will only make congestion much worse!

  2. I’m actually in favour of some parking restrictions. The high street pay and display seems logical and well thought out. But the residents parking seems ill thought out.

    They do it well in Leytonstone on certain streets near the tube, residents only 10-2. That stops commuters parking on residential streets making it extremely difficult for residents to park on the streets they live on.

    In my view that should have been the purpose of the parking restrictions – to improve the situation for residents. Restrictions in place until 630pm just makes it difficult (or expensive) for friends and family to visit

    1. Parking scheme in Leytonstone started st £20 and is now going up to £120. This is just a blatant money making scheme and not about residents’ wishes at all.

  3. Groan! If the council can actually prove that this will improve the quality of life for local residents or those visiting, then most of us would support it, but they have failed to do so. Can anyone show me concrete evidence? What the scheme will do is make money for the council and any private company’s that are awarded contracts to manage it. I’d be curious to understand for every £1 collected in taxes (in this scheme) what % is given back to the community and % is given to these private company’s.

  4. There isn’t a parking problem in Wanstead! The council just wants to make money .When was the last time you couldn’t find somewhere to park in Wanstead. Stop this stupid plan!

  5. If people are unhappy with the parking measures that Council is imposing on them they need to write in and object once the Council puts a notice in the local paper in September saying they object and why

    A large number of objections would force the Council to think again as they did after the 2500 signature petition

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