Phone snatching hits Wanstead

The wave of mobile phone snatching by moped riders which has hit central London in the past few months has arrived in Wanstead.

On Sunday morning, Wansteadium reader Azi became victim to the crime which has risen more than ten times since 2014. Offenders steal mopeds or scooters, and then drive past pedestrians or people standing on street corners and snatch the phone from their hands, then accelerate away.

New Wanstead (Google Streetmap)

Azi writes:

“I was robbed on Sunday by two men on a motorbike on New Wanstead. They took my mobile. When I called police said the bike was stolen too. They later abandoned the motorbike which police found in the evening. It happened at 11.10 in the morning on a busy road. Just wanted to warn everyone in Wanstead to be aware of it and watch out.”

These figures from the Met indicate the growth in the crime.

The Met has also issued the following advice to pedestrians to avoid becoming victims to the crime.

8 thoughts on “Phone snatching hits Wanstead”

  1. I am really pleased to see that Wanstead residents are being warned about this. Two weeks ago, I was walking home from Snaresbrook station and had just passed Sylvan Road. Two scooters drove past me on the pavement with young lads on them – both scooters had their number plates covered up with a piece of fabric. Luckily, I was not holding my phone and my bag was secured on my shoulder. A man tried to chase them away and it was obvious that they were trying to steal items from the public. Be very careful please.

  2. My son had his snatched in grove green rd leytonstone a year ago they actually came up on the pavement. 2 bikes (rider and passenger on one bike single person on second bike) no plates!! Was reported to police at the time.

  3. Seen them in the area of Selsdon Road and roaring up the PEDESTRIAN footpath same area, toward Blake Hall Road. Very unsafe feeling since.

    1. A couple of weeks ago I saw three scooters exit Selsdon Roazd at high speed, one plateless with balaclavaed driver and passenger. Passenger also had a back bag. Do these people live in Selsdon Road?

  4. Definitely an increase and becoming a real nuisance. See them roaming in pairs at ‘dusk’ when I’ve been out on my bicycle… including riding into the opposite side of the road In my direction and past me close up, probably looking to grab something or maybe worse. Everyone should be on guard and keep phone out of sight. Been tempted once or twice to push them into the ground when riding past me but that would be illegal!

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