Gail’s arrives in Wanstead – and is a thing of beauty

Gail’s Bakery has launched – on schedule – and many Wanstead people already seem to love it. There has been a sympathetic refurbishment of the inside, including the bank’s original floor, has been kept, and the upstairs offices have been converted into a large seating area.

The site has come a long way in the past 12 months. It’s only just over a year ago that the building was occupied by squatters who both took opportunity and protested against the building being left empty for three years.

But it’s clear Gail’s will now be a key player in Wanstead – and will no doubt put some pressure on other nearby cafes.

53 thoughts on “Gail’s arrives in Wanstead – and is a thing of beauty”

  1. A thing of beauty with prices on only the financially “beautiful people” can afford. Thanks for the continued gentrification of a place that used to be practical and down to earth. Nothing on this high street is affordable to me and I have to go elsewhere.

    1. Percy I’s ? Greggs? I don’t like these shops so I don’t use them. If you don’t like Gail’s don’t go – simple or would you rather play the poor hard done by victim card?

    1. However gentrified, they are a still a chain, they are able to have a business model that will carry a loss for a while, however that would change once they’ve driven other and independent competitors out of business, depends how you want your High Street to look I guess

  2. From the pics, upstairs still looks ‘a work in progress’ and presumably not open to the public just yet but I can’t wait to go to my old bank at the weekend and and try the bread – please save some of that delish free bread!

    But oh the changing face of Wanstead, my heart sank when I saw Dominos take over my old Chinese take-away, along with the common high street coffee shops, ie Starbucks etc, Wanstead appears to be turning into any other generic high street. So it’s great to see Gail’s keeping the standard and uniqueness that has always been Wanstead. Good Luck Gail’s Bakery!

    1. This is very strange -why is my comment still awaiting moderation again? Second time!
      Do you only accept one-liners?

    1. No no no. White sliced is ‘just bread’. This is something different. Ha ha. I have been making bread for years and it is never ‘just’ !

  3. Gail’s looks stunning!

    There is always going to be the “gentrification” argument but people like nice things and they come at a price, (far better than dour greasy spoons and tacky shops) Gregg’s is inferior to the independent coffee outlets and we should be damn grateful that classy ventures like Gail’s decide to open shop in Wanstead!

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