Wanstead Police Station for sale already


police2It didn’t take long, but the bids are now being invited for the former Wanstead Police Station on Spratt Hall Road. Details of the building and plot are now available on Rightmove, though no asking price has been indicated.

As a large corner plot with room for parking and outbuildings, in an absolutely prime position, the site will no doubt attract a lot of interest from developers.

For many in Wanstead the sale will have echoes of the sale by the Metropolitan Police of Evergreen Field to developers. The land remains empty and somewhat in limbo, many years later.

5 thoughts on “Wanstead Police Station for sale already”

  1. We, the people of WANSTEAD, should buy this property and develop it for community use; look at Wanstead House as an example /template.We cannot afford some money -hungry maverick getting their grubby hands on it and downgrading our village – how could this group ownership be achieved?

  2. So do something then. It’s fine been a keyboard warrior posting what everyone is thinking. Get a kickstarter campaign going. I am ready to donate my £ once it is.

    I want to see your proposal however, it’s fine saying community use but what specifically?

  3. How about a leisure centre with swimming pool, classes, eateries ( local food), space we can rent for meetings, parties etc
    We could do with a swimming pool in wanstead
    Let’s form Wanstead ltd and get share holders …….!!

  4. “Former Police Station with sui generis use”
    What does ‘sui generis use’ mean & is that something that could hinder potential buyers?

  5. the police station should be bought by a footballer to refurb as his posh mansion – what a great location……..

    really unimaginative to demolish it. it’s a lovely victorian building that adds character to wanvillage

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