Wanstead pool: Is this the year?

Wanstead’s new leisure centre – architect’s illustration.

It’s been so long coming it’s almost possible to forget Wanstead is getting its own swimming pool. But if all goes well, this could be the year.

New-ish illustrations of how the site should look have been posted on boards outside the site in Redbridge Lane West. Along with the 25m pool, the redevelopment includes changing rooms, a dance studio and a three-story teaching block for Wanstead High School.

Illustration from architect Stanley Bragg

Naturally, though, it’s the pool which is the most delicious prospect for Wanstead residents.

The last we heard the project was due for completion in late 2022. Can’t wait.

One thought on “Wanstead pool: Is this the year?”

  1. Will older people be allowed to use this pool? It certainly does not look like it from the images. Unfortunately my days as a bikini wearer are long past!

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