Wanstead property: Rings of fire

Wansteadium’s property blogger George C Parker writes:

Dear spectators and speculators, I’ve continued to follow the fortunes of local Olympic lets, and was pleased to see that four-bedroom properties in Redbridge Lane West are still available to those with a budget of under £44k a week. Nota bene: renting this property would give you advantageous access to the nearest A12 Zil lane (don’t tell me you’d forgotten – see here for local information).

Ranching out
Back in the 80s, Mrs Parker was regrettably keen on “Dallas” – a US TV import featuring the fictionally opulent JR, Bobby and the rest on their impoassibly enormous Southfork estate. Improbably, in 2012, the series has returned, and so it seems have ranch-style properties. Only this time in Snaresbrook. Asking price is £3million, so you might need a few barrels to your name.

Music in the park
Last year I leapt upon the Music in Wanstead Park bandwagon in order to wax lyrical about the redbrick decency of Aldersbrook in this blog. And I must confess to similarly affectionate thoughts about the place when I was catching up on the recent BBC “Secret History of our Streets” programmes.

Thus far, episodes in this excellent series have cast architecturally and historically resonant London streets in a predictable riches-to-rags-to-riches type of narrative. Yet while the ravages visited upon Camberwell, Deptford and Notting Hill have certainly made for interesting viewing – when Dallas 2012 has not been infesting the schedule – doughty old Aldersbrook has remained stoically splendid throughout the decades. That is not to say that minor indignities were not inflicted before the age of the Conservation area, but even these blemishes are nobly born. Apart from the wretched mess that is the former Hotel complex abutting Aldersbrook Road…