Wanstead to get a Gail’s Bakery

EXCLUSIVE: The saga of the former Barclays Bank on Wanstead High Street has reached a conclusion with an announcement that Gail’s Bakery is to open a new shop on the site.

The artisan baker has struck a deal with Sainsbury’s who announced in 2016 it would not be going ahead with plans for a new convenience store in the area after buying the site from Barclays.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson told Wansteadium: “We’re pleased to have done a deal with Gail’s Bakery who will be bringing forward plans for a new shop.”

Gail’s has branches in various upmarket parts of London including St John’s Wood, Victoria Park and Exmouth Market (pictured).

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59 thoughts on “Wanstead to get a Gail’s Bakery”

      1. I was being sarcastic…funny how when Superdrug was announced everyone was up in arms about “the poor pharmacy…we don’t need another chemist we already have 2” fast forward a couple of weeks…new posh bakery….and everyone is celebrating ….let’s hope they don’t park on the pavement

    1. because Percy Ingles and Greggs are economy bakers that do a job however we now have the best quality bakers around in Wanstead. yippee!

    2. This is a very different type of bakery to the ones already on the high street, so I’m sure they won’t lose any trade.

  1. How ridiculous – we already have enough shops selling bakery products. Where’s the diversity?

    1. I wouldn’t worry about the two existing bakeries; those of us who can’t and won’t pay ridiculous prices for the smug feeling that we “just bought artisan!!” will still take our poor little “struggling” £s to the only place we can afford. Tesco Leytonstone.

    2. Percy Ingle does different type of bread (fluffy white bread), Gail’s is more like sour dough, rye, artisan + french style pastries. There’s room for both, personally I’m not a big fan of Percy Ingle/Greggs, so this is great news.

    3. I’m quite expert of bread (I’m originally italian and they do quite decent bread there). However Greggs is a big corporate and them products are awful. Percy Ingle is an eastender icon.

  2. Terrific. More overpriced food for posh people. Wanstead high street used to be affordable, practical and for ordinary working class and lower middle class families, and that goes for local house prices too.

    Now it’s nothing more than Hampstead and Highgate, forcing out the ordinary people. Enjoy your area you took over from the working class and gentrified beyond affordablity to the originals.

        1. Yes they are where the old HSBC was. There was uproar by a fair few due to not needing another chemist as we already have 2…..mmmm don’t we already have more than 2 bakers….

  3. Sigh – Another bakery..

    First we have Percy Ingle, then we have Greggs and don’t forget the Ginger Pig and their fayre..
    What about the Farmers Market on the first Sundays of the month, oh and the offerings in Co-op and Tesco.

    Do we need this.. Really?? Where will all the out of towners park? Quick get those parking meters up!!

    I am upset no one has mentioned the Turkish Barbers signage yet which will be a stones throw away from this pointless new offering.

    1. The new Turkish barbers’ signage looks like an ad for ‘Sweeny Todd’ & is totally over the top for a business sign! Bloody razors anyone?? Get it removed!

        1. I agree. The signage is a bit crude. It’s a shame as it doesn’t do anything to improve the aesthetics of the High Street and is a disappointment following The Ginger Pig, Harvey(‘)s & the Co-op. Doesn’t there have to be some approval of signage? I hope the owner is reading these comments and will have a re-think – it’s still not too late.

  4. Not everyone likes gregg and Percy ingles. I don’t so I welcome the opportunity to be able to buy elsewhere. If you don’t like Gail, you don’t have to visit it.

  5. ‘Artisan baker’ ?

    ‘Craft baker’ ?

    No, it’s a really overpriced baker that relies on the suckers moving into (read ‘destroying’) Wanstead with their love of style over substance or authenticity. It pretends to be ‘real’ or ‘authentic’ but is simply a manufactured commodity designed to hit those (who can afford it) right in the pocket. Meanwhile it only serves to destroy what is real and authentic in the area.

        1. Artisan bread refers to the fact that bread was naturally leavened before large bakeries such as Gregg and Percy ingle started using commercial yeast. Try it, you might like it, even if it’s the occasional treat

  6. Personally, I love Percy Ingle’s low GI loaf and at £2.75, that is not cheap but certainly a brilliant loaf, with one slice worth two of your average pap
    Have no fear Greggs and Percy Ingles -preference, as well as loyalty prevails in Wanstead!

  7. Gail’s isn’t really a bakery, it’s more of a deli/cafe. Commenters worried about Percy Ingle are missing the point; this won’t harm them, but instead it’s direct competition for Nice Croissant. It’s them I feel sorry for.

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