Wanstead vaccination rates

Wanstead folk have done pretty well in getting their vaccinations and boosters – in line with the national average, and ahead of Redbridge and Greater London averages.

The challenge to get Redbridge vaccinated and boosted is clearly in the council’s sights. Council leader Jas Athwal wrote in an email to residents:

Many of you will have been ill or have lost loved ones to this terrible virus and I am so sorry for any loss you may have endured. We also know many of you have had to cope with being put on furlough, having restrictions placed on your businesses and real impacts on you and your families’ health.

We also know that with the Omicron variant that we are not through this yet and we want you to be careful and ensure you have the vaccine and booster if you have not already.

The council is also running an online meeting tonight (Thursday) at 6pm to explain the extended regulations.

One thought on “Wanstead vaccination rates”

  1. It would be helpful if we could obtain lateral flow tests either online or from our pharmacies in Wanstead. Haven’t been able to get a pack so far this week, (today being Thursday).

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