A Wanstead Christmas tale to warm the heart

A correspondent writes:

Today, a good number of older Redbridge residents enjoyed a hearty Christmas Lunch with all of the trimmings, at Age Concern (Corner House). Christmas Pudding, After Eights, and even wine was included. After lunch, everybody was informed that there was no charge today, because Daisy’s Florist was covering the cost, including a Terry’s Chocolate Orange each, for everybody to take home. It was such a generous thing for Daisy’s  to do – especially after such a difficult year for traders.  I would love the people of Wanstead to know about their kind gesture towards older people in the Community. 

10 thoughts on “A Wanstead Christmas tale to warm the heart”

  1. Thank you to Daisy’s for being so generous ; we are so fortunate to have people like yoou in our Wanstead community with a LARGE WARM HEART .
    The Magic of Xmas is indeed still alive .

  2. So proud of working and living very near to Wanstead. (Sorry I live E18). Great community and generous people/businesses in these hard times.

  3. Daisy and Mark are wonderful people who are always willing to support various causes in the community, well done.

  4. Oh Daisy, you make my heart sing……wish there were 100’s of Daisy’s, the world would be a better place. ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Well done Daisy!!

    I remember a tragic event a couple of years ago when a man was knocked down by a car in the High Street.
    There was a quote in the local paper from the family of the victim, where they thanked the lady from Daisy’s who ran to the scene and comforted the poor chap.
    That little detail has always stayed with me as a true act of human kindness.
    Clearly Daisy is a very kind soul indeed.

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