Wanstead weather: Cold signs

Warnings abound of snow on the way. Hardcore Wanstead weatherman Scott Whitehead writes on his blog,

There has been much talk of severe weather arriving from this weekend onwards, with some chatrooms on the web ramping up rumours of a repeat of the severe winter of 1947. Whilst it is going to turn cold, with the possibility of snow increasing from Sunday onwards, it is far too early to make predictions of a repeat of the famous ’47 winter which did not really get going until well into the second half of January. Indeed, records from Camden Square show that this week in 1947 would be remarkably mild – with a mean maximum of 10C while nights were a mild average of 5C. So what has the seven days got in store? With unprecendentedly low confidence in weather forecasting models it is hard to pin down exact values on temperatures and weather much beyond Sunday. At the time of writing we can expect maximums to gradually creep downwards through the period – giving an average of 2C by the week’s end. Minimums are forecast to average -1C – so plenty of frost around. It currently looks like any precipitation on Saturday will at least start as rain though there is the chance this will turn to snow by Sunday morning to give a covering. Far more snow looks likely from Monday onwards.

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