Wanstead wedding

On a glorious summer morning on Saturday, Wanstead Park’s first wedding cavalcade in living memory delighted the well-wishers who turned up in good numbers to cheer the occasion. Anticipation had built gradually as the expected departure time of 11:30 arrived, to a crescendo as the expected wedding time of midday also passed.

Then suddenly, in a splendidly thunderous approach, the wedding carriage drawn by a pair of white horses hove into view, covering most of Wanstead Park Avenue at an extremely impressive clip.

Due to the carriage’s brisk rate of progress across the park, there were scant opportunities for photography, but Wansteadium is extremely grateful to Melanie Hartt for this photo of the scene.

aturally the wedding party were all smiles, especially the bride to be Luisa, to whom we wish every happiness in her marriage to Graham. Congratulations!

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