Wansteadium’s Most Read in 2013

At this time each year we take a look back at what have been the most read pages on Wansteadium in the past 12 months. Before we do that, though, a word about total audience size. According to Google Analytics, our audience figures from 1 January to 30 December are as follows:

This compares to 2012’s totals of 79,063 visits in total, from 28,934 different people (“unique visitors”), and 134,335 pageviews in the year. So all in all, quite satisfactory.

The biggest stories were as follows:

1. Reviews for Sumo Fresh welcome. (August)
2. Inside Wanstead’s new tea shop (November 2011)
3. Wanstead named as one of UK’s top 10 places to live (March)
4. Yes, sushi is on its way to Wanstead (April)
5. Turkish Delight? Reviews welcome (October 2011)
6. Odd sign (July)
7. Announcing the first ever Wanstead Fringe (July)
8. Police ‘foil armed robbery’ on Wanstead High Street (May)
9. A shopping arcade for Wanstead High Street? (October)
10. The Duke lives (November)

Two other things. There is a short video here rounding up which have been the most interesting Wansteadium tweets in the past year – and who are our “golden followers”. The results are that in third place (down from last year’s top spot) is @nick_affleck. In at number two is @redbridgeblue. Which means that this year’s queen of the tweets is the person with the best patter in gory details of the real East End, celebrated local crime novelist @anyalipska. Watch out for her second novel which will be coming out in the New Year.

And while it’s pats on backs all round, what a jolly time to reach our 750th e-mail subscriber. Thank you to everyone who subscribes – it’s the best way of keeping in touch. You can join the select band here. And if you already subscribe, do Wansteadium a favour, and forward the e-mail to any of your friends who might appreciate it. They’ll probably thank you in hard cash.

Happy New Year everyone.