Wanstead’s favourite building up for grabs


Wanstead’s most iconic building – the home of Stitch and the former Andrew’s Builders’ Merchants – is looking for a new tenant.

DSC_2088The boxy little beauty on Woodbine Place was for decades the home of the builders’ merchants, pictured here in Geoff Wilkinson’s wonderful catalogue of Wanstead Daily Photos. It was thoroughly refurbished by Jenni Rosenberg and family who have been operating Stitch from there for the past four years but are now considering moving to larger premises. The building is now listed with agents at an annual rent of  £27,500.

So the questions will start about who might move in to the spot. Wansteadium has its own favourite theory about who would be best suited, which for the time being we will keep close to chest. But feel free to discuss the issue in comments below.

Longtime readers will remember our anguish at the undignified end the old Andrews sign had (ie a skip), but there’s always the make-your-own memento which is still good for whiling away a few minutes.




14 thoughts on “Wanstead’s favourite building up for grabs”

  1. How about an awesome cocktail bar like Satan’s Whiskers in Bethnal Green? Or a branch of Bonedaddys Ramen bar?

  2. I’ve always wanted to open a soft play area for under 5’s in Wanstead. But yet again the extortionate rental price means small businesses like mine don’t even get off the starting blocks.
    Looking forward to another coffee shop or cafe. Yay!

  3. A bookshop would be my ideal (great for gifts which you can no longer buy in Wanstead) and a few tables outside for a coffee overlooking the Green, but realise that’s a dream! Otherwise completely agree with previous comment, we need a replacement for Woolies – a Lakeland would be perfect for useful household items. Will the upstairs be available too, otherwise it’s quite small.

  4. People suggest a bookshop a lot when a property is due to become something new, but I hope these folks know we already have a GREAT bookshop in Oxfam Books. The place is thriving and always busy, and for good reason, it’s amazing.

    They have not only used/second hand books, but also brand new books, vintage books, even valuable first editions; they have gifts and greeting cards and all manner of things. Plus it all goes to a good cause, and the prices are dirt cheap even on new copies. Another bookshop would be nice but support the one we have.

  5. What about a musical instrument eatablisment
    Guitars and basses on the ground floor and percussion ,drums ect upstairs. Lots of budding pop stars in Wanstead and surrounding area ???

  6. Lots of lovely ideas – of course the small size prohibits so many ideas – for example as a soft play area it wouldn’t be viable as you would only be able to get 2 or 3 kids in at a time. As others have said there are 2 large premises on the high street vacant that could work for the more Woolies type shop – with the arrival of the Ginger Pig I hopefully see a rosy future for the high street and hopefully this building

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