Wanstead’s favourite subject: Yes, we’re getting a new coffee shop

The site of Wanstead’s much-loved Percy Ingle is to be converted to a “high-class coffee shop” and bakery, according to a planning application which includes a patio and seating area to the rear of the shop.

The application describes the project as a “high class Coffee Shop/Cafe/Takeaway/Bakery” which would involve “Change existing layout of shop to include new shopfront, sign and blind and outside seating to front and rear. Shopfront similar to adjacent Ginger Pig but with central doorway and bifold windows at 2/3 height either side of entrance.”

If approved, the new cafe will be called City Place Coffee, another branch of which is due to open in Chelmsford. It plans to employ 10 people.

Some might think the high street had reached caffeine saturation point, but it’s in any case good to see that someone is prepared to back the long-term health of Wanstead and that things will be returning to normal.

Percy Ingle closed its chain of bakeries in June despite hopes that a smart rebranding was going to breathe life into the chain.

9 thoughts on “Wanstead’s favourite subject: Yes, we’re getting a new coffee shop”

  1. Words escape me. All these coffee shops in wanstead yet personally I don’t rate any of their coffee (personal preference). I drive all the way to LEYTON to buy my Perky Blenders!

  2. Everyone’s better off at the Poppy pantry ( independent family run cafe 6 , 50 seats outside when restrictions are lifted , 30 seats inside thepoppypantry.co.U.K. , unlimited free parking .

  3. Not another one of these High Priced and totally not needed shops – Somebody is making a fortune out of all these places -[Wonder who] – Expect some people will use it just ‘To be seen’ in it – let’s wait until we see the prices – One shop sells doughnuts at £3.00 each – they must be thinking look at the queue of all these mugs who have nothing better to do with there money…..wonder how long it will last

  4. Oh how exciting – not! My heart has sunk, like Wanstead really needs another over-priced coffee shop!

    Nil points for originality.

  5. Supply and Demand. Governs most businesses. If there’s the business to support them they will open up. They don’t do it for the fun of it.
    If there’s too many, then the weakest will close down.

    All those that want something else, then there’s plenty of opportunity to open up something yourself. If you’re waiting for someone else to do it, then have a think about why they’re not. Just because we want a service or shop to open, if there isn’t the demand to make it profitable, they’ll not bother.

  6. Peter H. Yes the idea is you bring your own coffee and cup and they supplied the water – Obviously they charge more if you want hot water – Bring your own milk and sugar probably be cheap for Wanstead It’s all become a big joke.

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