Wanstead’s missing signpost mystery

photo (31)The mystery of what’s happened to the Wanstead Village signpost at the Snaresbrook end of the High Street remains unsolved. On Wanstead Talk, our messageboard, the theory that it might have been in collision with a construction lorry (a traditional newspaper phrase which carefully avoids blame) was put forward. If you know what happened, or where it is, please tell us. It’s a funny little sign, really, but it’s all we’ve got. Apart from the other one.

4 thoughts on “Wanstead’s missing signpost mystery”

  1. The cracked post is still there but you will not find it on that side of the road. The person responsible should have taken the sign down for safekeeping after it happened at the time of the storm.

  2. The shame. Of course, the sign is actually on the other side of the road. The pole is there, but the sign is still missing.

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