Hurrah from the bees

Bravo to those Wanstead souls who have signed up to look after their local tree pit – the bit of soil at the base of street trees. Signs have appeared on trees all over Snaresbrook ward and more widely asking council weed-spraying folk to avoid those trees which are being looked after. The plan, if you need reminding, is that seeds will be planted in these pits with the aim of encouraging bees to find their way along our streets.

At least one bee-like being is already making its home in a pit on Grosvenor Road, as pictured above.

It’s a novel scheme, backed by Redbridge, Wanstead Friends of the Earth, and an Olympic Legacy Grant. If you’re taking part, you can send your photos of tree pits before and after at Keep in touch via the BEES BEES BEES link at the top of this page.

2 thoughts on “Hurrah from the bees”

  1. I adopted 3 trees and planted the pits up. I rang the council and said I don’t have a sign. I was reassured that the contractors would not spray as my treepits were definitely on the list. Coming back from a few days break the deed was done and my healthy looking shoots were now shrivelled and brown. I will try again next year but will definitely put a note up. In the meantime I’ve noticed some lovely flowers springing up along the streets. Really hope this continues next year. Maralyn

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