4 thoughts on “Wanstead’s nuclear bunker”

  1. Ha, The secret bunker. Many decades ago, when my family lived in Northumberland Avenue, it was still there. An MOD person once asked my fatherhow to get there. So much for it being secret. Everyone local knew about it. We always presumed it linked up with the installation that had its entrance on Wanstead Flats. All those tunnels must still be there.

  2. I visited the bunker a few years ago but I am sure it was pulled down it was not underground that I remember and I remember thinking that if it had to used it would not be very secure

    1. We had a air raid shelter, but as I don’t live there anymore I guess I shouldn’t give out the address ha ha it’s in the Aldersbrrok estate

  3. One wonders what Redbridge Council would actually do down there if they had survived the nuclear apocalypse. Recalculated our Poll Tax bills to reflect the total breakdown of society as we know it? My guess is that they’d be preparing the first wave of post-Armageddon Traffic Wardens to ensure that no survivurs were exceeding the conditions of their residents’ parking permits.

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