‘Watchman’ in Wanstead


Literary event of the moment took place on Monday evening at the Wanstead Tap, with a showing of To Kill A Mockingbird and then, at one minute past midnight, the selling of Harper Lee’s sequel, Go Set A Watchman. (Congratulations to Dan Clapton and the Newham Bookshop for teaming up in such a Wanstead-based highbrow way.)

5 thoughts on “‘Watchman’ in Wanstead”

  1. Why is it called Wanstead Tap when it is in Forest Gate? Was going to go tonight, but don’t want to go to Forest Gate as don’t feel safe there.

    1. He used to sell beer from markets and is based in Wanstead. The bar came later but kept the name.

      Not sure why you don’t feel safe in Manor Park, on what is that bsaed on?

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