Ye traditional Boxing Day walk in ye Wanstead Park 


And ye rather novel but admirable definition of flytipping as an “environmental crime scene”. img_3416Flytippers beware.



5 thoughts on “Ye traditional Boxing Day walk in ye Wanstead Park ”

  1. Not sure what the flytippers have to beware of? Clearly they have got away with it unless DNA samples are taken.

    I had a look through but nothing to my fancy.. I was expecting more middle class flytipping like Gucci Jackets and Armani socks.

  2. Strikes me as regrettable that there is a mocking tone to both Wansteadium’s remark about the flytipping, and a reader’s comment.

    You may laugh at the term, but it’s an “environmental crime” because there are good reasons why this is against the law (thus a crime against the environment) in a natural area — the reason being, leaving rubbish can harm a natural environment and the wildlife that lives there. There can be contaminants, toxic substances, sharp objects.

    Nobody wants flytipping rubbish on a street let alone in a beautiful forest parkland whose flora and fauna is meant to be protected.

    Or is that something to make light of now?

    1. No mocking tone here. We’ve regularly highlighted flytipping and are in fact somewhat impressed by it being classed as an environmental crime.

  3. im certainly not defending such deplorable actions, but surely its counter productive to charge vans visiting the various civic tips. if there were no charges i think there would be less fly tipping.

    1. It’s free of charge for residents…Commercial waste is chargeable and there are specific sites for this. Should you have building work done at your home you have the option to remove it yourself, if your builder removes it then it’s classified as commercial. The local authority will remove waste..but at a charge…Most flippers are just to lazy to take the waste to relevant sites…it’s easier to dump it….

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