Someone at Wanstead Co-op is about to get a ticking off

Just did a quick shop @CooperativeFood Berwick St W1. Polite and smiling staff. Polar opposite experience to our local Wanstead branch. — Yukett (@Yukett) June 26, 2014 @Yukett Good to hear but what happened at Wanstead? Thanks — The Co-operativeFood (@CooperativeFood) June 26, 2014 @CooperativeFood Sucking on a lemon comes to mind, but maybe you … Continue reading “Someone at Wanstead Co-op is about to get a ticking off”

Chilly times for Wanstead Co-op

Probably not wishing to add to the Co-op’s woes, Wanstead journalist Sean Farrell, who works for the Guardian, has nevertheless felt compelled to tackle the Wanstead Co-op’s broken fridge doors. He now appears to have had some success. @Wansteadium Co-op head office promises to fix doors hanging open in Wanstead branch after my intervention. See … Continue reading “Chilly times for Wanstead Co-op”

How much did the Co-op refit cost?

Regular readers will know that Wansteadium was pleasantly surprised by the refurbishment of the Wanstead Co-op. But we came across this old story from the Wanstead Guardian from January, which reveals that the cost of the work was to be £820,000. Did they get their money’s worth?

Wanstead Co-op to have lockers for Amazon deliveries

Getting stuff delivered from Amazon in Wanstead is about to get much, much easier. A sneak peek inside the Co-op, mid-refurbishment, reveals a bank of Amazon Lockers along the back wall. This is a service offered by the firm in which you can opt to have things delivered to a combination-coded locker rather than having … Continue reading “Wanstead Co-op to have lockers for Amazon deliveries”