Wanstead Property: George gets festive

George C Parker, Wansteadium’s property blogger, writes: * December already! As always, gentle Wanstead folk go about their business in the run up to the Festive season. They pop into Harvey’s for parcels of winter berries and mistletoe, and leave their goose and turkey orders graven in the grand book of fowls kept at AG … Continue reading “Wanstead Property: George gets festive”

Wanstead Property: Going straight

George C Parker, Wansteadium’s property blogger, writes: Autumnal greetings, gentle readers. Your correspondent returns from a business trip of sorts, an occupational hazard that crops up every couple of years in my extremely specialised line of work. Returning to the chestnut-lined Elysium of my dominion, I could not help but delight in the general vivacity … Continue reading “Wanstead Property: Going straight”

Wanstead in the Guardian

Not the Wanstead Guardian, but the actual Guardian. Wanstead takes centre stage in its “Let’s move to…” feature. Author Tom Dyckhoff makes much of how Wanstead could have been a very different place if the original Wanstead House had not been demolished, but nevertheless concludes that Wanstead is doing very nicely thank you. He says: … Continue reading “Wanstead in the Guardian”

Wanstead property: Love me tender

Wansteadium’s property blogger, George C Parker, writes: Gracious readers, Spring has arrived and the local property market continues to blossom. Increasingly I note that properties in this area are listed ‘sale by tender’. These three words are estate agent catnip – usually meaning that sealed bids are invited to avoid underpricing in a seller’s market. … Continue reading “Wanstead property: Love me tender”

Wanstead’s newest home?

Times must be good. The former Startin Builder’s office on the corner of Sylvan Road and Wanstead High Street, which has just been converted into a one-bedroom bungalow, has just gone on the market. It’s yours for £300,000. It’s before Wansteadium’s time, but we believe the building started life as a ticket office for the … Continue reading “Wanstead’s newest home?”