Farewell Poppy Pantry

Poppy Pantry, the cafe set in the grounds of the City of London Cemetery which has hosted innumerable funeral receptions and contemplative moments, has shut after the Corporation of London ended its lease.

Paul Charters, who has run it for several years, vacated the premises on Sunday following his lengthy but unsuccessful campaign to persuade the authorities he should be allowed to stay.

He collected more than 6,000 signatures from supporters, and also hoped that his support for the Royal British Legion and other causes would help support his case.

To Paul and his staff, though, go the thanks of former customers.

5 thoughts on “Farewell Poppy Pantry”

  1. After our unsuccessful attempt to stop the unnecessary building of a kiosk on Christchurch Green I feel residents of our Borough have little power to change anything that the ‘Authorities’ feel moved to do. Such a nice cafe and what will we get as a replacement? Costa? Starbucks? So disappointing.

  2. A real shame, they were a friendly operation with low prices so no visitors on a budget or pension felt excluded. I hope whatever appears in it’s place has been given instruction to keep lower cost options available to cater for everyone who needs to visit.

  3. Such a shame. A really nice cafe. Again no notice taken of the public. Fake grass, unwanted container cafe, now this.

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