Happy Cherry Pey Day, people of Wanstead

It’s July 17, the day Wanstead folk celebrate by spending half a guinea on a Cherry Pey. And we’re pleased to report that, after a fair bit of lobbying by this very website, the sign on the side of the George which gives the day its name, is looking in better health.

For the past two years a leaking drainpipe has caused water to run down the sign – one of the rare bits of Wanstead’s past which has survived – threatening its future. But after a couple of false starts it looks like the pipe has been mended and the moss cleaned away. Thank you to the Wansteadium reader who put a few words in the right ears.

Let’s hope we can celebrate the sign for many a year.

6 thoughts on “Happy Cherry Pey Day, people of Wanstead”

    1. It says half a guinea, so they’ll be 55p for a pie -expensive for wetherspoons, so I’ll go on another day

  1. Yes, thanks indeed. It would be a shame to lose this landmark. I for one will be celebrating with a cherry pie today. I think it would be fun to make this a village day in the future.

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