Is this the Ginger Pig effect?

Is Wanstead about to see the start of a Ginger Pig effect where similar establishments start seeing the lure of the High Street?

We pose the question because Delicataste, which closed down only a couple of weeks ago after many years, is already being converted into a new shop. And, people, it’s not going to be a nail bar.

The shop is going to be an Italian delicatessen, or more accurately a gastronomia, selling fresh pasta and other produce. Three Italian brothers, who are farmers by background and already run a stall at the Farmers’ Market, are behind the scheme and are already busy converting the premises.

Meanwhile there are several other vacant properties on the High Street – two former banks, at the time of writing, plus others – which may be next in line (if they’re lucky).

15 thoughts on “Is this the Ginger Pig effect?”

  1. erm…. Don’t we have one of these already opening at Snaresbrook Station?

    Plus the Ginger Pig is British, where does the Italian influence come from?

      1. Pura is the beauty shop – they are next door to Rio and are taking that unit as well to expand their business.

      1. I would have thought extensions were done by ‘Enigma’ the hair salon but just being a man I will bow to your superior knowledge!!!!!!!!

  2. Give a great new fresh feel with someone for all of us to hopefully buy an exciting sandwich think we all need a change of lunch from tesco’s and beige pastry lunches from greggs as nice as they are nice for a change

  3. Yes, I remember when it was Cullen’s, and then when that moved in the 1980’s to where Starbucks is now it was taken over by a lovely Italian man who continued to run it as a deli. He sold the best Gorgonzola, and wonderful fresh coffee beans. You’re certainly right about things going full circle.

    1. Yes he did – happy days! so you will remember Goddard and Allen being on the site where Starbucks etc are – had a big grooming parlour at the back where we used to take our dog. I own the hairdressers next to Biyoni – born in Wanstead – really want to see our high street returned to the days when it was full of indi businesses – fingers crossed!!

      1. Yes, can remember when we had so much more in our High Street … our own carpet shop, furniture shop, leather goods shop, garden centre, DIY and decorating stores and good old Dunham’s. Not forgetting of course the fur coat shop and Lewis Marina selling sailing boats !!!

  4. Good news but whoever runs Wansteadium should be aware that on the right of the screen pops up an ad for Russian Matches?

  5. Does anybody know what is happening at the British Heart Foundation shop site? Shutters down yesterday evening and no name display. Just sorted out my wardrobe!

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